see out


  1. to remain or endure until the end of

    we'll see the first half of the game out and then leave

  2. to be present at the departure of (a person from a house, room, etc)

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Example Sentences

I wouldn't be surprised to see out-of-wedlock childbearing follow a similar course.

Obamacare may be the last piece of big, bold legislation we'll see out of Washington for awhile.

She struggled to see out through the small eye vent, which was just two inches long and three and a half inches wide.

He shifted across to the mouth of the tent and raised the flap, fastening it against the pole so that he could see out.

It made him quake to think that she might suddenly see out of those dear, blind eyes.

I'll thrash you till you won't see out of your blasted eyes for a month!

As soon as the children were alone again, Heidi asked, "How can one see out from here, and look right down on to the ground?"

One man has a hump;—another can hardly see out of his imperfect eyes;—a third can barely utter a few disjointed words.





see one's way tosee over