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[ see-throo ]


  1. Also see-thru [] transparent:

    a see-through blouse.


  1. a degree of or variation in transparency.
  2. a see-through item of clothing.

see through


  1. tr to help out in time of need or trouble

    I know you're short of money, but I'll see you through

  2. tr, adverb to remain with until the end or completion

    let's see the job through

  3. intr, preposition to perceive the true nature of

    I can see through your evasion


  1. partly or wholly transparent or translucent, esp (of clothes) in a titillating way

    a see-through nightie

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Word History and Origins

Origin of see-through1

First recorded in 1940–45; adj., noun use of verb phrase see through

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Example Sentences

I looked at him while he was sleeping - a ghost of him, see-through almost - and began to cry.

The Fashion Icon winner lived up to her reputation in a sparkly, see-through, and utterly fabulous gown.

His name was Alexander, and he had a rifle in his hands, but the eyes you could see through the slit in the mask looked friendly.

The first look combined a see-through mesh top, gym style, with a pair of baggy baseball-inspired shorts.

“Snapping in a sudden heat of passion could account for much of what we see through the various pictures,” he argued.

I always knew that she couldnt see through people, exclaimed her mother.

I tell you I see through it all, and it is no mystery to me; they have met and conversed about your business.

I seem to be wandering about the house in misery, fever, and pain, trying to see through a mist that I cannot penetrate.

I see through it all, Julian Home; you would gladly get rid of me, that Violet may wear a coronet.

Some one may wish to know whether she was clever enough to see through the character of Coronado.





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