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/ ˈsiːðɪŋ /


  1. boiling or foaming as if boiling
  2. crowded and full of restless activity
  3. in a state of extreme agitation, esp through anger

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Derived Forms

  • ˈseethingly, adverb

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Example Sentences

My Twitter feed began lighting up with readers seething with rage at Stewart based off the Breitbart piece.

RAMON: (Seething with contempt) Secret ant landing strips, illegally established on foreign soil.

KIEV, Ukraine — The symbol of the Ukrainian revolution, the Maidan Square, is seething with bitterness and aggression these days.

At first it was raucous, trembling with patriotism, a sea of seething yellow.

They would later be dubbed a “bloodthirsty” “lesbian she-wolf pack” and—most famously—“a seething, Sapphic septet.”

It was true the green grass grew still upon the field, but who could tell what was seething underneath, in the bosom of the earth?

A boy of Thyrsis' age had no right to be seething with such bitterness; there must be some fundamental and terrible cause.

An almost unknown emotion, a limpid, seething love flooded his heart.

Bertrand was silent, almost impassible in the midst of the seething effervescence of the people.

I heard the seething currents under the breakers' softened thunder—louder than I ever heard it.


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