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[suh-grey; Italian se-gre]
  1. E·mi·li·o [uh-mee-lee-oh, uh-meel-yoh; Italian e-mee-lyaw] /əˈmi liˌoʊ, əˈmil yoʊ; Italian ɛˈmi lyɔ/, 1905–1989, U.S. physicist, born in Italy: Nobel prize 1959.
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Historical Examples of segre

  • The scene of these marvels is the town of Bellver, on the river Segre, close under the southern slope of the Pyrenees.

    Legends of the City of Mexico

    Thomas A. Janvier

  • It is watered by many rivers, the largest of which is the Segre, a left-hand tributary of the Ebro.

  • He crossed the Segre on the 14th of May, and advanced towards Balaguier; designing to lay siege to it.

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  1. Emilio (ɛmˈiːlɪəʊ). 1905–89, US physicist, born in Italy, who was the first to produce an artificial element. He shared the Nobel prize for physics (1959) with Owen Chamberlain for their discovery (1955) of the antiproton
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