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[ seg-ri-gey-tid ]


  1. characterized by or practicing racial segregation:

    a segregated school system.

  2. restricted to one group, especially exclusively on the basis of racial or ethnic membership:

    segregated neighborhoods.

  3. maintaining separate facilities for members of different, especially racially different, groups:

    segregated education.

  4. discriminating against a group, especially on the basis of race:

    a segregated economy.

  5. set apart.

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Other Words From

  • segre·gated·ly adverb
  • segre·gated·ness noun
  • non·segre·gated adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of segregated1

First recorded in 1645–55; segregate + -ed 2
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Example Sentences

A movement had been growing in New York challenging the city’s segregated schools.

Singapore announced on Tuesday it will open a segregated travel lane so “business, official, and high economic value travelers” can visit the city-state quarantine-free by staying in a designated “bubble” facility near the airport.

From Fortune

The problem though is that our schools and our neighborhoods are pretty segregated.

Keatts walked us through the segregated history of our city on the podcast.

For instance, even after being given an $8 voucher to a Muslim-owned restaurant in Mosul, Christian players from mixed teams weren’t any more likely than players from segregated teams to make the 40-minute drive.

Late in 1956, a federal ruling, Browder v. Gayle, declared segregated buses unconstitutional.

He is currently being held without bail in a segregated area of Wayne County Correctional Facility away from other inmates.

“Brooklyn is more segregated than the Upper East Side,” he says.

It is all a result of segregated communities where illiteracy is rife and the men think they can get away with anything.

The good news here: America became a little less segregated.

These lived in a little corner of the town, where was located also the segregated vice district.

He treats the special case, cases as special as any of James', but segregated on different demarcative lines.

Then when he began chewing on the segregated piece he declared that it was not cooked enough.

This extra cost may oftentimes be segregated, where the total cost could not be ascertained.

These individuals were segregated by sex, and specimens of each sex were arranged from oldest to youngest.


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