[ si-goor-uh; Spanish se-goo-rah ]


  1. Fran·cis·co [f, r, ahn-, sees, -kaw], Pancho SeguraSegoo, 1921–2017, Ecuadorian tennis player.

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Example Sentences

Their offense has improved despite the absences of Harper and Segura.

While there are many ways to perform this, with various tools, Segura used Semrush’s keyword gap tool in her examples.

“This is going to show you where your current content is really missing the mark and you do this through looking at a competitor,” Segura said.

He is now running Plan Patria Segura and the crackdown on recent protests.

Now the frightened guard gave up his pistol and the keys to the cell in which Segura was shackled and handcuffed.

After filling up with a hot breakfast, the “Kid” was soon asleep, while Segura kept watch for officers.

Then Billy and Segura held up and robbed several monte dealers, when on the way home after their games had closed for the night.

He knew that Segura's days were numbered; he knew that the leaders of the junta would be the new government of the nation.

He would begin gradually by restoring to their army commissions the old officers trained in Segura's military college.