Seine River

[ (sen) ]

River flowing generally northwest through northern France.

Notes for Seine River

The Seine flows through the heart of Paris, dividing the Left Bank, south of the Seine, from the Right Bank, north of the Seine.

Notes for Seine River

It is the chief commercial waterway of France.

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How to use Seine River in a sentence

  • Situated on the left bank of the Seine River, it overlooks Paris and the country for fifty miles around.

  • The nearest point where they would find Commandos was miles away, far over on the other side of the Seine River.

  • At the bottom one could not see but one could guess the presence of the Seine River, a loop of which sparkled like a pruning-hook.

    Two banks of the Seine | Fernand Vandrem
  • I daresay you know that one of our man-of-war ships is lying right down here in the Seine River.

    A Voyage of Consolation | Sara Jeannette Duncan
  • He made an unsuccessful experiment with a steamboat on the Seine River in France.