any club moss of the genus Selaginella, having stems covered in small pointed leaves and small spore-bearing cones: family SelaginellaceaeSee also resurrection plant

Word Origin for selaginella

C19: from New Latin, diminutive of Latin selāgō plant similar to the savin
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Historical Examples of selaginella

  • In the United Kingdom there is only one native species of Selaginella.

    How to Know the Ferns

    S. Leonard Bastin

  • The spores are of two kinds, as in Selaginella, but the macrosporangia contain numerous macrospores.

  • In the second genus, Miadesmia, the seed-bearing plant was herbaceous, and much like a recent Selaginella.

    Darwin and Modern Science

    A.C. Seward and Others

  • To start away with, the Selaginella bears two kinds of spores, each of which in its development has a definite sex character.

    How to Know the Ferns

    S. Leonard Bastin

  • Open 4-valved spore-case of a Selaginella, and its four large spores (macrospores), magnified.