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[ si-lek-shuhn ]


  1. an act or instance of selecting or the state of being selected; choice.

    Antonyms: rejection

  2. a thing or a number of things selected.

    Synonyms: pick, gathering, collection

  3. an aggregate of things displayed for choice, purchase, use, etc.; a group from which a choice may be made:

    The store had a wide selection of bracelets.

  4. Biology. any natural or artificial process that results in differential reproduction among the members of a population so that the inheritable traits of only certain individuals are passed on, or are passed on in greater proportion, to succeeding generations. Compare natural selection, sexual selection, kin selection, artificial selection.
  5. Linguistics.
    1. the choice of one form instead of another in a position where either can occur, as of ask instead of tell or with in the phrase ask me.
    2. the choice of one semantic or syntactic class of words in a construction, to the exclusion of others that do not occur there, as the choice of an animate object for the verb surprise.


/ sɪˈlɛkʃən /


  1. the act or an instance of selecting or the state of being selected
  2. a thing or number of things that have been selected
  3. a range from which something may be selected

    this shop has a good selection of clothes

  4. biology the natural or artificial process by which certain organisms or characters are reproduced and perpetuated in the species in preference to others See also natural selection
  5. a contestant in a race chosen as likely to win or come second or third
    1. the act of free-selecting
    2. a tract of land acquired by free-selection

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Other Words From

  • se·lection·al adjective
  • nonse·lection noun
  • rese·lection noun
  • super·se·lection noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of selection1

First recorded in 1640–50; from Latin sēlēctiōn-, stem of sēlēctiō; equivalent to select + -ion

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Example Sentences

Outside the standard selections, however, it offers options for blending and sculpting to create unique characters that exist outside the possible combinations with pre-designed elements.

Kentucky coach John Calipari has made a habit of criticizing the selection committee’s seeding, but that year he had a legitimate beef.

The vote came seven months after the club’s members came to a consensus at their July 2020 virtual meeting that the name should be changed and formed an ad hoc committee to propose a selection of new names.

When shopping for mittens for the entire clan, resist the urge to buy them in bulk and tailor your selections to the individual needs of each family member.

The two machines, at each of Oakland’s terminals, work like pretty much any modern vending machine — make a selection on the screen and reach down to pick up your choice.

The program has not made a final selection on which upgrades will actually be included in future versions of the F-35.

Mary is rarely just Mary in this selection—she is almost always depicted with her newborn or dead son.

The lucky recipient gets to choose from a selection of gifts ranging from cocktail kits to packages of wine and premium spirits.

That the selection process is even being discussed and written about marks something of a unique moment in American politics.

Its members would not be beholden to any special interest groups, at all, for their selection.

The significance of time is determined by the movement of any selection, or, in other words, the rhythm.

At the close of the reception a band of Philippine musicians played a selection of graceful airs of their native isles.

This selection was unfortunate; good strategist and organiser, he was not the man the Emperor required.

But in doing this, the intention and power of selection guided by sound judgment at once asserted itself.

But few varieties are used, and there seems to be but little taste manifested in the selection of the "dust."


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