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[kuh n-dish-uh-ning]
noun Psychology.
  1. Also called operant conditioning, instrumental conditioning. a process of changing behavior by rewarding or punishing a subject each time an action is performed until the subject associates the action with pleasure or distress.
  2. Also called classical conditioning, Pavlovian conditioning, respondent conditioning. a process in which a stimulus that was previously neutral, as the sound of a bell, comes to evoke a particular response, as salivation, by being repeatedly paired with another stimulus that normally evokes the response, as the taste of food.
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Origin of conditioning

First recorded in 1915–20; condition + -ing1
Related formsself-con·di·tion·ing, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for self-conditioning


  1. psychol the learning process by which the behaviour of an organism becomes dependent on an event occurring in its environmentSee also classical conditioning, instrumental learning
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  1. (of a shampoo, cosmetic, etc) intended to improve the condition of somethinga conditioning rinse
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self-conditioning in Medicine


  1. A process of behavior modification by which a subject comes to associate a desired behavior with a previously unrelated stimulus.
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self-conditioning in Science


  1. See classical conditioning.
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