[ self-dahy-uhg-noh-sis ]

noun,plural self-di·ag·no·ses [self-dahy-uhg-noh-seez]. /ˈsɛlfˌdaɪ əgˈnoʊ siz/.
  1. the diagnosis of one's own malady or illness.

  2. the capability of an electronic system to detect and analyze an error or malfunction within itself.

Other words from self-diagnosis

  • self-di·ag·nos·ing, adjective
  • self-di·ag·nos·tic [self-dahy-uhg-nos-tik], /ˈsɛlfˌdaɪ əgˈnɒs tɪk/, adjective

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How to use self-diagnosis in a sentence

  • Bushkin would come to discover that such soul bearing was rare, but the chilly self-diagnosis was not far from the truth.

    Wheeere’s Johnny? | Malcolm Jones | October 13, 2013 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • Mention has already been made, in speaking of Lenau's pathological traits, of his confirmed habit of self-diagnosis.

  • But the objective of this book is to improve the general reliability of a person's self-diagnosis and self-understanding.