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[ self-dram-uh-tahy-zing, -drah-muh-, self- ]
/ ˌsɛlfˈdræm əˌtaɪ zɪŋ, -ˈdrɑ mə-, ˈsɛlf- /


exaggerating one's own qualities, role, situation, etc., for dramatic effect or as an attention-getting device; presenting oneself dramatically.


What Is A “Self-Own”?There aren’t many better places, it seems, to celebrate the mistakes of others than on social media. Naturally, this is the arena where self-own has had great popularity. So, what does it mean?

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Origin of self-dramatizing

First recorded in 1935–40
Related formsself-dram·a·ti·za·tion, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for self-dramatizing

  • If the Republican electorate wanted this kind of self-dramatizing nonsense, why bother with uptight, buttoned-down Mitt?

    Romney Cuts Loose O'Donnell, Perhaps Out of Ego|Michelle Cottle|February 5, 2012|DAILY BEAST
  • Then there was the self-dramatizing and feckless suspension of his campaign over the financial crisis.

    Sorry, Dad, I'm Voting for Obama|Christopher Buckley|October 10, 2008|DAILY BEAST