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[ek-suh-bish-uh n]
  1. an exhibiting, showing, or presenting to view.
  2. a public display, as of the work of artists or artisans, the products of farms or factories, the skills of performers, or objects of general interest.
  3. an exposition or large fair of extended duration, as a world's fair.
  4. British. an allowance given to a student in a college, university, or school, usually upon the result of a competitive examination.
  5. Medicine/Medical Obsolete. administration, as of a remedy.
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Origin of exhibition

1275–1325; Middle English exhibicion < Late Latin exhibitiōn- (stem of exhibitiō) a presenting. See exhibit, -ion
Related formsnon·ex·hi·bi·tion, nounpre·ex·hi·bi·tion, nounre·ex·hi·bi·tion, nounself-ex·hi·bi·tion, noun
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Historical Examples of self-exhibition

  • The career which leads to cabinet office is a career of self-exhibition.

    Congressional Government

    Woodrow Wilson

  • Together with this must be reckoned a motive seldom absent from human endeavour, the desire for self-exhibition, self-enhancement.

    Ancient Art and Ritual

    Jane Ellen Harrison

  • Even after her two years' service she shrank from personalities and from self-exhibition.

  • His erotic dreams are of self-exhibition to young and voluptuous women.

British Dictionary definitions for self-exhibition


  1. a public display of art, products, skills, activities, etca judo exhibition
  2. the act of exhibiting or the state of being exhibited
  3. make an exhibition of oneself to behave so foolishly in public that one excites notice or ridicule
  4. British an allowance or scholarship awarded to a student at a university or school
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Word Origin and History for self-exhibition



early 14c., from Old French exhibicion, exibicion "show, exhibition, display," from Late Latin exhibitionem (nominative exhibitio), noun of action from past participle stem of exhibere "to show, display," literally "to hold out," from ex- "out" (see ex-) + habere "to hold" (see habit).

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Idioms and Phrases with self-exhibition


see make an exhibition of oneself.

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