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[fi-nans, fahy-nans]
  1. the management of revenues; the conduct or transaction of money matters generally, especially those affecting the public, as in the fields of banking and investment.
  2. finances, the monetary resources, as of a government, company, organization, or individual; revenue.
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verb (used with object), fi·nanced, fi·nanc·ing.
  1. to supply with money or capital; obtain money or credit for.
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verb (used without object), fi·nanced, fi·nanc·ing.
  1. to raise money or capital needed for financial operations.
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Origin of finance

1350–1400; Middle English finaunce < Anglo-French, Middle French finance, equivalent to fin(er) to end, settle, pay (see fine2) + -ance -ance
Related formsfi·nance·a·ble, adjectivepre·fi·nance, verb (used with object), pre·fi·nanced, pre·fi·nanc·ing.self-fi·nance, verb (used with object), self·-fi·nanced, self·-fi·nanc·ing.su·per·fi·nance, noun, verb, su·per·fi·nanced, su·per·fi·nanc·ing.un·der·fi·nance, verb (used with object), un·der·fi·nanced, un·der·fi·nanc·ing.un·fi·nanced, adjectivewell-fi·nanced, adjective
Can be confusedaccounting bookkeeping finance
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Historical Examples of self-financing

  • Common sense dictates that the Postal Service should be on a self-financing basis.

    Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to 2006


British Dictionary definitions for self-financing


  1. (of a student, business, etc) financing oneself or itself without external grants or aid
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  1. the system of money, credit, etc, esp with respect to government revenues and expenditures
  2. funds or the provision of funds
  3. (plural) funds; financial condition
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  1. (tr) to provide or obtain funds, capital, or credit for
  2. (intr) to manage or secure financial resources
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Word Origin for finance

C14: from Old French, from finer to end, settle by payment
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Word Origin and History for self-financing



late 15c., "to ransom;" see finance (n.). Sense of "to manage money" is recorded from 1827; that of "to furnish with money" is from 1866. Related: Financed; financing.

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c.1400, "an end, settlement, retribution," from Middle French finance "ending, settlement of a debt" (13c.), noun of action from finer "to end, settle a dispute or debt," from fin (see fine (n.)). Cf. Medieval Latin finis "a payment in settlement, fine or tax."

The notion is of "ending" (by satisfying) something that is due (cf. Greek telos "end;" plural tele "services due, dues exacted by the state, financial means"). The French senses gradually were brought into English: "ransom" (mid-15c.), "taxation" (late 15c.); the sense of "management of money" first recorded in English 1770.

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