[ self-fool-fil-muhnt, self- ]

  1. the act or fact of fulfilling one's ambitions, desires, etc., through one's own efforts.

Origin of self-fulfillment

First recorded in 1860–65
  • Also especially British, self-ful·fil·ment .

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How to use self-fulfillment in a sentence

  • She's romance, self-fulfillment and, as you've said, the last dream of my youth.

    The Kingdom Round the Corner | Coningsby Dawson
  • He does not labour for his own self-fulfillment and nothing more.

    With God in the World | Charles H. Brent
  • A spirit not connected with a body is without a technique, without the mechanical means of self-expression or self-fulfillment.

    The Ghost in the White House | Gerald Stanley Lee
  • self-fulfillment, the instinct to nurture and to ensure continuity are all at work in such cases.

  • Education that processes humans for jobs promises access to abundance, but not to self-fulfillment.