[ self-pruh-peld, self- ]

  1. propelled by itself.

  2. (of a vehicle) propelled by its own engine, motor, or the like, rather than drawn or pushed by a horse, locomotive, etc.

  1. (of a gun or a rocket launcher) having a vehicle as a base.

Origin of self-propelled

First recorded in 1895–1900
  • Sometimes self-pro·pel·ling .

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How to use self-propelled in a sentence

  • self-propelled caterpillar gun mounts were the subject of the most important of these experiments.

British Dictionary definitions for self-propelled


  1. (of a vehicle) provided with its own source of tractive power rather than requiring an external means of propulsion

Derived forms of self-propelled

  • self-propelling, adjective

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