1. the act or an instance of punishing oneself

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How to use self-punishment in a sentence

  • These evidences of an impulse to look on correction as a quite proper thing are corroborated by stories of self-punishment.

    Children's Ways | James Sully
  • Hence the development of the fearful self-punishment, which could have no meaning if the victim had felt innocent.

    Criminal Psychology | Hans Gross
  • To this self-punishment, indeed, was attributed the disease of the lungs which ultimately caused his death.

    The Life of Bret Harte | Henry Childs Merwin
  • Oh, to make up by bitter self-punishment my ingratitude to her who has been leading me unseen, for years, home to her bosom!

    Yeast: A Problem | Charles Kingsley
  • And that would be a bitter self-punishment, for I love so to live if I can have my own life.

    A Little Girl in Old Detroit | Amanda Minnie Douglas