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[ sel-fish-nis ]


  1. the quality or state of caring only for oneself or one’s own interests:

    The author rants at length about the selfishness and general disregard for others that he sees at the root of modern society.

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Example Sentences

A willingness to be more selfish is a goal for another elite point guard prospect, Indiana senior Ali Patberg.

So holding up any emergency vehicle is selfish beyond belief.

It seems selfish, as well as shortsighted, for people to refuse to take common-sense measures to protect themselves and others.

It seemed selfish to me to engage in nonessential travel to the race and potentially put myself and others at risk of spreading covid.

Masks are neither completely selfless nor selfish — they help everyone.

Marrying yourself merely underscores selfishness and self-interest, rather than enabling you to live singly in the best way.

They are mean, unhappy and inspired only by their fatal selfishness.

The pontiff blasts the selfishness, arrogance and detachment of the cardinals in Rome.

Fatigue, sadness, or psychosis is not about choice or laziness or selfishness.

I don't get to spend my money or my time with utmost selfishness.

The socialist looking thus at the world we live in sees in it nothing but waste and selfishness and inefficiency.

Even the purest selfishness would dictate a policy of social insurance.

The ancient grudging selfishness that would not feed other people's children should be cast out.

A vein of shrewd and humorous sarcasm, together with an under-current of quiet selfishness, made him a very pleasant companion. '

Politeness, being based upon real kindness of heart, cannot exist where there is selfishness or brutality to warp its growth.


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