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adjective Heraldry.
  1. covered with many small, identical figures.
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Origin of semé

1555–65; < French: literally, sown, past participle of semer < Latin sēmināre to sow, equivalent to sēmin- (stem of sēmen) seed, semen + -āre infinitive suffix
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  1. (postpositive usually foll by of) heraldry dotted (with)semé of fleurs-de-lys gules
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Word Origin

C16: from French, literally: sown, from semer to sow, from Latin sēmināre, from sēmen seed
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Word Origin and History for seme


in linguistics, 1866, from Greek sema "sign" (see semantic). Cf. pheme, etc.

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"covered with a small, constantly repeating pattern," 1560s, from Middle French semée "strewn, sprinkled," past participle of semer, from Latin seminare "to sow," from semen (genitive seminis) "seed" (see semen).

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