[ see-mee-ot-ik, sem-ee-, see-mahy- ]

  • Also se·mei·ot·i·cal [see-mee-ot-i-kuhl, sem-ee-, see-mahy-] /ˌsi miˈɒt ɪ kəl, ˌsɛm i-, ˌsi maɪ-/ .

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How to use semeiotic in a sentence

  • The semeiotic gives the reason of movements, and has for its object the careful examination of inflections, attitudes and types.

  • We have now reached the semeiotic standpoint, that of these very clear plans, the very starting point of gesture.

  • The semeiotic says: "Such a gesture reveals such a passion;" and gesture replies: "To such a passion I will apply such a sign."

  • The semeiotic is its mind; the dynamic is its soul; the static is founded on the mutual equilibrium or equipoise of the agents.

  • The imitative is also divided into three parts: the static, the dynamic and the semeiotic.