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or se·mei·ol·o·gy

[see-mee-ol-uh-jee, sem-ee-, see-mahy-]
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  1. the study of signs and symbols; semiotics.
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Origin of semiology

1885–90; < Greek sēmeîo(n) sign + -logy
Related formsse·mi·o·log·ic [see-mee-uh-loj-ik, sem-ee-, se-mahy-] /ˌsi mi əˈlɒdʒ ɪk, ˌsɛm i-, ˌsɛ maɪ-/, se·mi·o·log·i·cal, adjectivese·mi·ol·o·gist, noun
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Related Words for semiology

connotation, interpretation, definition, explanation, explication, exposition, semiotics, symbolism, denotation, semiology, exegetics, glossology, significs

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  1. another word for semiotics
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Derived Formssemiologic (ˌsɛmɪəˈlɒdʒɪk, ˌsiːmɪ-), semiological, semeiologic or semeiological, adjectivesemiologist or semeiologist, noun

Word Origin for semiology

C17 (in the sense ``sign language''): from Greek sēmeion sign + -logy
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Word Origin and History for semiology


1690s, "sign language," from Greek semeion "a sign, mark, token," from sema (cf. semiotic) + -ology. As "branch of medical science concerned with symptoms," 1839; as "logical theory of signs" from 1923. Related: Semiological.

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