(in India) the army: used in the names of certain paramilitary political organizations

Word Origin for sena

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Historical Examples of sena

  • “Whoso speaks with a drunken man is himself an offender,” said Sena.

    The Pharaoh and the Priest

    Alexander Glovatski

  • So they pushed the dogs back to the sena at the fastest gait to which they could urge them.

    Bobby of the Labrador

    Dillon Wallace

  • It's a man's work at this season, hunting at the sena, and a strong man's work, too.

    Bobby of the Labrador

    Dillon Wallace

  • They were away to the sena, and the Great Adventure, at last.

    Bobby of the Labrador

    Dillon Wallace

  • The latter met him near the city of Sena but did not immediately open engagement with him.