senatus consultum

[se-nah-too s kawn-soo l-too m; English suh-ney-tuh s kuh n-suhl-tuh m]

noun, plural se·na·tus con·sul·ta [se-nah-toos kawn-soo l-tah; English suh-ney-tuh s kuh n-suhl-tuh] /sɛˈnɑ tus kɔnˈsʊl tɑ; English səˈneɪ təs kənˈsʌl tə/. Latin.

a decree of the senate of ancient Rome.

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Examples from the Web for senatus consultum

  • Chevalier, you walk up to the table, you pick up the documents one by one, and you say: 'Senatus-Consultum.

    A Mummer's Tale|Anatole France

British Dictionary definitions for senatus consultum

senatus consultum

noun plural senatus consulta (kənˈsʊltə)

a decree of the Senate of ancient Rome, taking the form of advice to a magistrate
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