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or send·up

[ send-uhp ]


  1. an entertaining or humorous burlesque or parody; takeoff:

    The best skit in the revue was a send-up of TV game shows.

send up


  1. slang.
    to send to prison
  2. informal.
    to make fun of, esp by doing an imitation or parody of

    he sent up the teacher marvellously


  1. informal.
    a parody or imitation

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Word History and Origins

Origin of send-up1

First recorded in 1955–60; noun use of verb phrase send up, in sense “to parody”; compare earlier Brit. academic usage “to mock, scoff at”

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Example Sentences

Indeed, Fellowes was such a fan that he imagined one day doing his own send-up of the show.

He is the Zelig from hell, a Francostein monster, a send-up of democracy and a travesty of meritocracy.

Something a little bit naughty to send up the apathy in American culture.

None of this means we are about to see the supercommittee send up puffs of white smoke to announce a breakthrough.

On August 27, they were able to send up a video showing the world the conditions under which they were living.

If you call upon two ladies who are boarding at the same house, do not send up your card to both at the same time.

From the middle rises the fortress of the Kremlin, the many churches send up a forest of dome-capped towers.

Send up and say you expect one, and then W— must have the guard up, and pay you proper respect.

In spite of the persistent cold weather there has been enough excitement on the farm to send up the temperature several degrees.

"Send up the provost brigade," was Grant's despatch sent to City Point.