[ sey-ney ]

noun,plural se·ne.
  1. a bronze coin and monetary unit of Western Samoa, one 100th of a tala.

Origin of sene

First recorded in 1965–70; from Samoan, from English cent

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How to use sene in a sentence

  • An' so when I went courtin' m' third wife, I took a stitch in time an' told her about the camphor an' ker'sene an' lard.

  • It is ready to thame: and zit I feir that it will bring sum malheus, and may be sene gif ze chance to be hurt.

  • With that he thristit my body, and said, that sum of his folkis had sene zow in fascherie; ze may ges at the rest.

  • By the same meanes Caius Cesar beinge but a yonge man, was so eloquent & wel sene in the mathematical sciences.

    The Education of Children | Desiderius Erasmus
  • Sanct Tredwall, als, thare may be sene Quhilk on ane prick hes baith her ene.