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[seyn-yawr-uh, -yohr-uh, seen-; Spanish se-nyaw-rah]
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noun, plural se·ño·ras [seyn-yawr-uh z, -yohr-, seen-; Spanish se-nyaw-rahs] /seɪnˈyɔr əz, -ˈyoʊr-, sin-; Spanish sɛˈnyɔ rɑs/.
  1. a Spanish term of address equivalent to Mrs., used alone or capitalized and prefixed to the name of a married or older woman. Abbreviation: Sra.
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Origin of señora

1570–80; < Spanish, feminine of señor
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Historical Examples

  • "The soldiers, senora," Gaspar Ruiz had answered, in a faint voice.

    A Set of Six

    Joseph Conrad

  • "Their revolutions, their revolutions," gasped Senora Teresa.

  • The senora had given into her charge the girls belonging to that Italian posadero.

  • "I was only going to inform the senora," said the man with a shrug and a forced smile.

  • "I am a friend of the senora's, and I love her as I do the apple of my eye," said Caballuco.

    Dona Perfecta

    B. Perez Galdos

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noun plural -ras (-rəz, Spanish -ras)
  1. a married Spanish or Spanish-speaking woman: a title of address equivalent to Mrs when placed before a name or madam when used alone
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Word Origin and History for senora

1570s, from Spanish señora "a lady; madam," fem. of señor (see senor). The Portuguese equivalent is senhora.

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