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sense datum

  1. Also called sensum. Psychology. the basic unit of an experience resulting from the stimulation of a sense organ; a stimulus or an object of perception or sensation.
  2. Epistemology. datum(def 3).
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Origin of sense datum

First recorded in 1920–25
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Historical Examples of sense datum

  • Logically a sense-datum is an object, a particular of which the subject is aware.

    Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays

    Bertrand Russell

  • Further, we know the truth 'I am acquainted with this sense-datum'.

  • When I speak of a "sense-datum," I do not mean the whole of what is given in sense at one time.

  • The sense-datum with which I am acquainted in these cases is generally, if not always, complex.

  • In looking at a given thing and approaching it, one sense-datum will become several, and each of these will again divide.

British Dictionary definitions for sense datum

sense datum

  1. philosophy a sensation detached both from any information it may convey and from its putative source in the external world, such as the bare awareness of a red visual field. Sense data are held by some philosophers to be the immediate objects of experience providing certain knowledge from which knowledge of material objects is inferredSee also representationalism (def. 1), apriorism
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sense datum in Medicine

sense datum

  1. A basic, unanalyzable sensation, such as color, sound, or smell, experienced upon stimulation of a sense organ or receptor.
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