[ sen-shoo-uh-lee ]
/ ˈsɛn ʃu ə li /
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in a carnal or fleshly way that is preoccupied with the gratification of the senses or physical appetites: In our sensually dominated society, the habit of acting out fantasy is becoming a cultural norm.
in an unchaste or immoral and unrestrained way: Today we are increasingly bombarded with sensually explicit images from the internet, television, movies, and print advertising.
in a way that arouses or excites the senses or physical appetites: This sensually calculated music is made to move people onto the dance floor—and beyond.
in a worldly, materialistic, or irreligious way: Those who think merely naturally and sensually do not allow their minds to be lifted up into spiritual light.
in a way that relates to the senses or physical sensation: Learning happens best when the demand on a learner's "working memory" meets the ability to sensually process the information through both channels—auditory and visual.



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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.

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