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noun, plural senti.
  1. a monetary unit of Tanzania, the 100th part of a shilling; cent.
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noun, plural sent·i [sen-tee] /ˈsɛn ti/, sents.
  1. a coin of Estonia until the euro was adopted, the 100th part of a kroon.
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Origin of sent2

< Estonian senti (compare Finnish sentti) < Latin centum hundred; see centum1
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Historical Examples

  • On rend mieux compte de ce qu'on a senti que de ce qu'on sent.

    The Diary of an Ennuye

    Anna Brownell Jameson

British Dictionary definitions for senti


  1. the past tense and past participle of send 1, send 2
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noun plural -ti
  1. a monetary unit of Estonia, worth one hundredth of a kroon
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Word Origin

C19: ultimately from Chinese ch'ien coin
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