[ sep-uh-rey-ter ]


  1. a person or thing that separates.
  2. any of various apparatus for separating one thing from another, as cream from milk, steam from water, or wheat from chaff.
  3. Electricity. a device that prevents metal contact between plates of opposite charge in a storage battery.
  4. Machinery. retainer 1( def 3 ).

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Other Words From

  • pre·sepa·rator noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of separator1

1600–10; < Late Latin sēparātor, equivalent to Latin sēparā ( re ) to separate + -tor -tor

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Example Sentences

The methane is extracted from the lake’s deep waters with a gas separator for producing electricity at the KivuWatt power plant in Rwanda.

Finally, a separator inside the cell keeps the two sides separate.

A tiny popup window will appear asking what the platform should use as a separator—you can use Google’s computing power by choosing Detect Automatically, or you can do as in Excel and choose a separator from the menu or type in a custom one.

The problem, GM said, has been traced to a torn anode tab and a folded separator.

One of QuantumScape’s key innovations was developing a solid-state ceramic electrolyte that also serves as the separator.

Kuhn-Rikon Egg Separator  Frankly, as far as egg separators go, all you really need is this model.

Once the separator is clipped onto the cup, you can flip it over the edge.

Fat Separator method:   Separate broth from solids by pouring through a strainer.

At half-past eight I had the three larger children dressed and at breakfast, while I ran the milk through the separator.

In other cases a separator is attached to the steam-pipe between boilers and engines.

Right down in her heart at that minute Elliott vowed that the separator should always be clean.

The third channel of the three-way tap is connected, by means of rubber tubing, with the nozzle of an ordinary separator funnel.

Belts on a separator should be looked over every day, and when any lacing is worn, it should be renewed at once.