[ sep-tem-ber ]


  1. the ninth month of the year, containing 30 days. : Sept., Sep.


/ sɛpˈtɛmbə /


  1. the ninth month of the year, consisting of 30 days

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Other Words From

  • Sep·tem·bral [sep-, tem, -br, uh, l], adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of September1

First recorded before 1050; Middle English Septembre, Old English, from Latin September “seventh month” in the early Roman calendar; for formation December
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Word History and Origins

Origin of September1

Old English, from Latin: the seventh (month) according to the original calendar of ancient Rome, from septem seven
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Example Sentences

That September, Hurricane Irma, a category 4 storm, hit the Lower Florida Keys.

All summer, she had been having recurring bouts of pneumonia, and in September it flared up again.

For instance, a TikTok video posted in September showed a young man sitting down at his desk and opening up his laptop.

“We’re not going to allow a mayor to beat up Mexico because of his political aspirations, because he wants to be a senator,” Bonilla said during a Facebook Live broadcast in September.

He asked postal board chairman Ron Bloom if board members were still “tickled pink” with DeJoy’s performance, as one GOP board member had told senators in September.

“James Woods has a reputation in the business of not mincing words,” Breitbart posted in September 2013.

Elle magazine shot an editorial in September, one picture revealing a teacup pig sitting pretty by a mini Tyler Alexandra bag.

“I am being proven right about massive vaccinations” he tweeted in September.

Last September, the "designer" duo got booed at Lanvin's Paris fashion show after they arrived late to their front row seats.

From September through November 2005, I corresponded with him via email to find out what had happened to me that night.

September died away in the brown arms of October, and at last a letter came from Nigel.

On the evening of September 17th he sent away his advance guard of two thousand men in eighty small boats.

The filibustering expedition set out in three small ships on the 28th of September.

In the following September, after an absence of six years, my sister returned home.

On the 9th and 11th of September, we encountered some short gusts of the vamperos, the most violent being the last.


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More About September

What is September?

September is the ninth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. It has 30 days and is between August and October.

In the Northern Hemisphere, September is known as the first month of the autumn season, while in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the first month of the spring season.

Much of the world celebrates International Workers Day in May, but in the United States and Canada, a similar celebration, called Labor Day, is held. It is celebrated on the first Monday of September.

The Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah, which marks the beginning of the year, is normally held in September. The holiday’s exact date changes because it is set according to the Hebrew calendar, which is based on the Moon’s cycle.

Example: For many people, September is a calm month before the holidays in October, November, and December.

Where does September come from?

The first records of the word September come from before 1050. It ultimately comes from the Latin September, meaning “seventh month.”

In the 10-month Roman calendar, which started with March, September was the seventh month. When Julius Caesar took control of Rome, he changed the length of some months and added new ones because January was falling in autumn due to the calendar’s inaccuracies. He added Quintilis, later to become July (named after Julius), and Sextilis, which would later become August (named after Augustus Caesar). This is how September went from being the seventh month to the ninth. Our Gregorian calendar is based on this Julius calendar.

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What are some other forms related to September?

  • Sep. (abbreviation)
  • Sept. (abbreviation)
  • Septembral (adjective)
  • Septembrist (noun)

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What are some words that often get used in discussing September?

How is September used in real life?

September is known for being the beginning of the autumn and spring seasons.


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September is named after the Latin word for seven.




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