[ sep-uhl-ker ]

noun, verb (used with object),sep·ul·chred, sep·ul·chring.Chiefly British.

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How to use sepulchre in a sentence

  • The very day after a king ascended the throne he used to begin hewing out the sepulchre where he should lie.

British Dictionary definitions for sepulchre


US sepulcher

/ (ˈsɛpəlkə) /

  1. a burial vault, tomb, or grave

  2. Also called: Easter sepulchre a separate alcove in some medieval churches in which the Eucharistic elements were kept from Good Friday until the Easter ceremonies

  1. (tr) to bury in a sepulchre

Origin of sepulchre

C12: from Old French sépulcre, from Latin sepulcrum, from sepelīre to bury

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