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[ser-ee-ee-muh, -ey-muh]
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  1. either of two birds of the family Cariamidae, Cariama cristata, of southern Brazil, or Chunga burmeisteri, of Argentina, having long legs, an erectile crest, a short, broad bill, and limited ability to fly.
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Also cariama.

Origin of seriema

1830–40; < New Latin < Tupi: crested
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British Dictionary definitions for seriema


  1. either of two cranelike South American birds, Cariama cristata or Chunga burmeisteri, having a crest just above the bill, rounded wings, and a long tail: family Cariamidae, order Gruiformes (cranes, rails, etc)
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Word Origin

C19: from New Latin, from Tupi çariama crested
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