[ ser-pen-tis ]
/ sərˈpɛn tɪs /


genitive of Serpens.

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[ sur-puh nz, -penz ]
/ ˈsɜr pənz, -pɛnz /

noun, genitive Ser·pen·tis [ser-pen-tis] /sərˈpɛn tɪs/. Astronomy.

the Serpent, a constellation consisting of two separate parts, the head (Serpens Caput) and the tail (Serpens Cauda), with Ophiuchus in between.

Origin of Serpens

< Latin serpēns serpent, orig. present participle of serpere to creep, crawl; cognate with Greek hérpēs (cf. herpes, herpetology) Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for serpentis

  • A little beyond the lower left-hand corner of the map is the star δ Serpentis, in the position shown in the Frontispiece, Map 3.

  • The stars θ1 and θ2 Serpentis form a wide double, the distance between the components being 21½ seconds.

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/ (ˈsɜːpənz) /

noun Latin genitive Serpentis (səˈpɛntɪs)

a faint extensive constellation situated in the N and S equatorial regions and divided into two parts, Serpens Caput (the head) lying between Ophiuchus and Boötes and Serpens Cauda (the tail) between Ophiuchus and Aquila

Word Origin for Serpens

Latin: serpent
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