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[ sur-ving ]


  1. the act of a person or thing that serves.
  2. a single portion of food or drink; helping.
  3. Electricity. a layer of material, as jute yarn or tape, that is applied to the core or the exterior of a lead-covered cable and acts as a protective covering.


  1. for use in distributing food to or at the table:

    a serving tray.


/ ˈsɜːvɪŋ /


  1. a portion or helping of food or drink

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Other Words From

  • un·serving adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of serving1

First recorded in 1175–1225; Middle English; serve + -ing 1

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Example Sentences

Published in the journal Heart, the report also notes that the more you eat, the greater your risk, with each additional weekly serving of a half-cup of fried food increasing that risk by 3 percent.

Software such as Varnish Cache acts as a server-side cache to further speed up the generation and serving of a cached version of your page, making it as fast as possible with as few server calls as possible.

There are zero added sugars and only 110 calories per serving.

While its somewhat high fat content—four grams per serving—makes for denser baked goods, it’s still mostly carbohyrates.

The kids were asked how many servings of fruits and vegetables they ate each day.

The head banquet man at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New York City started serving the concoction as a menu staple in 1938.

Veterans are a small minority of the population, as well, serving the greater whole.

If you need to store the bottle in the fridge, let it warm up for a few minutes on the counter before serving.

It invites dictatorial and rogue regimes to use Americans serving overseas as bargaining chips.

Brown had been serving a life sentence; McCollum had been on Death Row.

But, there is a beardless youth, follow'd by a cowardly serving man, who presses hard to see you.

It is cold, Mammy, said Jess to the Beldings old serving woman.

Thrse, now serving her guests, now one of them herself, is content; and contentment is better than joy.

This is a humorous allusion to a manner of serving up pikes which is well illustrated in the Fifteenth-Century Cookery-books, ed.

At the foot of the table the Norman men-at-arms were splashing their liquor, and roaring broad jests at the Greek serving-maids.


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