set foot

  1. set foot in . Enter, as in I'll never set foot in this house again .

  2. set foot on . Step on, as in We were so happy to set foot on dry land . [c. 1600]

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Example Sentences

You can hear the choppers descending even if you have never set foot in the country.

Thousands were arrested as soon as they set foot in the country.

David Brower put it slightly more eloquently when he said: “Wilderness is where the hand of man has not set foot.”

For Lennon, who had not set foot in Britain for nine years, there must have been something of a homecoming feel to the experience.

It's as if you are watching—and participating in—a completely different play each time you set foot on a new island.

I did not know of the deed until it was done; then I told Alcorn never again to set foot on my premises.

When Mr. Chittenden was informed of what had occurred he sent word to Tom never to set foot on his premises again.

Indeed, Jack wrote to him about nine months ago warning him never to set foot on English soil again on pain of arrest.

I think I was the first of the family to set foot within Valeria since Hugo left it.

Let a slave set foot on that shore, and his chains fall off for ever, and he becomes what God made him—a man.





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