set piece

[ set-pees ]
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  1. Theater. a piece of scenery used as part of a stage set, as a profile or three-dimensional construction built to stand independently on the stage floor: A few set pieces simulating rocks and a fence constituted the scenery for the first act.

  2. a work of art, literature, music, etc., having a prescribed thematic and formal structure: the set pieces of Restoration comedy.

  1. a scene, action, or the like, having a conventional form and functioning as part of the structure of a work of art, literature, etc.

  2. a military operation carried out according to a rigid plan.

  3. Also called set play .Sports. a coordinated maneuver with team players in a preplanned formation when the ball re-enters active play, as a corner kick in soccer: The team’s dedicated practice time for set pieces paid off in their penalty kick results this year.

  4. (in a novel, narrative poem, or the like) a passage more or less extraneous to the sequence of events, introduced to supply background, color, or the like.

  5. an arrangement of slow-burning fireworks forming a design or composition when lighted.

Origin of set piece

First recorded in 1840–50

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set piece

  1. a work of literature, music, etc, often having a conventional or prescribed theme, intended to create an impressive effect

  2. a piece of scenery built to stand independently as part of a stage set

  1. a display of fireworks

  2. sport a rehearsed team manoeuvre, usually attempted in continuous games at a restart of play, esp when the other side has been penalized for improper play

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