set square

  1. a thin flat piece of plastic, metal, etc, in the shape of a right-angled triangle, used in technical drawing

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How to use set square in a sentence

  • She pointed to a large pull-handle set square into the center of the control board.

    Deathworld | Harry Harrison
  • And it is important that you should get these straight-edges at a true right angle, testing them carefully with the set-square.

    Stained Glass Work | C. W. Whall
  • The yards were set square across, and along them were furled royals and upper topsails.

    Cap'n Warren's Wards | Joseph C. Lincoln
  • Of course, we 've got the right of it, but in some way Fate has managed to leave us set square against the law.

    Beth Norvell | Randall Parrish
  • Time, and right doing, would remedy and set square all that was untoward.

    Dorothy's Tour | Evelyn Raymond