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settle down


  1. also tr to make or become quiet and orderly
  2. often foll by to to apply oneself diligently

    please settle down to work

  3. to adopt an orderly and routine way of life, take up a permanent post, etc, esp after marriage

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Example Sentences

“People in their early twenties are not ready to settle down,” she says.

Should Courage give up her war profiteering and settle down to run an honest pub—even if it means abandoning her mute girl?

After a few months, though, if you choose to continue nursing, things usually settle down considerably.

His unwillingness to marry her and settle down has only increased her fervor.

Letting a million homeless Syrians settle down permanently and become Lebanese citizens isn't in the cards.

As night began to settle down over the land, the Queen Elizabeth seemed to feel the time had come to give full vent to her wrath.

He found all well on reaching home and prepared to settle down with a feeling of ability to the work of translation.

What we want to know is whats all this mystery-game—and, most important, when do we settle down and sleep?

Thyrsis saw clearly that he could not settle down to hard work while they were shut up there.

Trevor waited till the headmaster had gone back to his library, gave him five minutes to settle down, and then went in.





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