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[ set-l-muhnt ]


  1. the act or state of settling or the state of being settled.
  2. the act of making stable or putting on a permanent basis.
  3. a state of stability or permanence.
  4. an arrangement or adjustment, as of business affairs or a disagreement.
  5. an agreement signed after labor negotiations between union and management.
  6. the terms reached in this agreement.
  7. the settling of persons in a new country or place.
  8. a colony, especially in its early stages.
  9. a small community, village, or group of houses in a thinly populated area.
  10. a community formed and populated by members of a particular religious or ideological group:

    a Shaker settlement.

  11. the satisfying of a claim or demand; a coming to terms.
  12. Law.
    1. final disposition of an estate or the like.
    2. the settling settle settling of property, title, etc., upon a person.
    3. the property so settled. settle.
  13. British.
    1. legal residence in a specific place.
    2. (of a pauper) the right to claim food and shelter from an official agency or specific town or district.
  14. Also called settlement house. Social Work. an establishment in an underprivileged area providing social services to local residents.
  15. a subsidence or sinking of all or part of a structure.


/ ˈsɛtəlmənt /


  1. the act or state of settling or being settled
  2. the establishment of a new region; colonization
  3. a place newly settled; colony
  4. a collection of dwellings forming a community, esp on a frontier
  5. a community formed by members of a group, esp of a religious sect
  6. a public building used to provide educational and general welfare facilities for persons living in deprived areas
  7. a subsidence of all or part of a structure
    1. the payment of an outstanding account, invoice, charge, etc
    2. ( as modifier )

      settlement day

  8. an adjustment or agreement reached in matters of finance, business, etc
  9. law
    1. a conveyance, usually to trustees, of property to be enjoyed by several persons in succession
    2. the deed or other instrument conveying such property
    3. the determination of a dispute, etc, by mutual agreement without resorting to legal proceedings
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Other Words From

  • non·settle·ment noun
  • over·settle·ment noun
  • pre·settle·ment noun
  • re·settle·ment noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of settlement1

First recorded in 1620–30; settle 1 + -ment
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Example Sentences

Monday’s announcement of the settlement felt like the right moment to revisit this issue.

Initially reported by France’s Capital, the settlement covers the period from 2009-2018.

From Fortune

It offers those violators a way out via a settlement program.

He agreed not to sue the district and the parties would keep the settlement confidential to the extent the law permits.

There, the South Americans mated with Polynesian inhabitants during the initial period of discovery and settlement of those remote islands, researchers say.

The president came to believe Shamir misled him on the settlement issue, or flat-out lied to him.

Jonathan Moore, who secured the $1.7 million settlement in the Stewart case, is representing them.

The city of Cleveland recently reached a $3 million settlement with the Russell and Williams families.

A year later, the suit ended in a settlement, the details of which remain confidential.

This meant that Palestinian taxi drivers had to drive through the Israeli settlement of Bet El.

Whatever can be done to bring about the prompt and effective use of this new system of bank settlement will be done.

In and around where they now sat, there was quite a settlement of Negroes, mostly small farmers.

"Milor, the matter admits of no settlement," said the Breton menacingly, rising from his chair.

(d) Excess balances may, at the convenience of each federal reserve bank, remain deposited with the gold settlement fund.

Suppose you wish to find out what words will translate the date of the settlement of Jamestown, Va., 1607.





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