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[ sev-erd ]


  1. separated from the whole or divided into parts, as by cutting or the like:

    The severed cables belonged to two internet companies.

  2. (of ties or a relationship) broken off or dissolved:

    One of the greatest tragedies we see in our work is the severed relationships between those in need and their family and friends.

  3. Law. (of an estate, titles of a statute, etc.) divided into parts:

    A practice known as severed property, or split estates, allows developers to keep or obtain mineral rights underneath privately owned land.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of sever.

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Other Words From

  • half-sev·ered adjective
  • un·sev·ered adjective

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Example Sentences

Our brains are changing, forming new neural connections and severing others all the time, of course.

In a plague year, anyone can get the significance of a severed head.

In a way, the team artificially severed the mouse’s memory of sugar water from its previous real location, instead remapping it onto a new place with clever light-based hacking of the brain.

Jesse Marx reports that staff in the Sustainability Department, which manages the streetlights program, followed through with the mayor’s directive, severing the ties between police and the cameras.

The campus this year voted to support a student government referendum calling on the university to sever ties with fossil fuel companies by 2024, the campus newspaper, the Hoya, reported.

“The events this year with Ukraine led to his ties with Cato being severed,” a source at the think tank told The Daily Beast.

Uber severed ties with him, and on Monday he was charged with misdemeanor vehicular homicide.

But the accent is just as clearly Trinidadian as he cracks jokes about a severed head he holds by the hair in his right hand.

They decapitate those men deemed foes of their faith and celebrate the gore online, holding up the severed heads.

In the raids that accompanied the arrests, police also found jars filled with formaldehyde containing severed fingers.

This was a hard nut to crack, if his past were not to be ruthlessly severed from Angel's by a word.

On the other hand, his feet are so cold from the artery being severed that they anticipate mortification.

He went down on his knees, and, with his pocket-knife, severed the rope that secured the girl to the "reach."

By his death the connection between the kingdoms of England and Denmark was severed.

The glittering steel glided through the groove, and the head of Madame Roland was severed from her body.





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