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sex crime


  1. an illegal sexual act, activity, or behavior.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sex crime1

First recorded in 1895–1900

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Example Sentences

Pavlik also said the ban would not be enforced, which would allow suspended people to continue using transit unless caught recommitting a sex crime.

Metro’s board on Thursday postponed a vote on a plan that would let transit police ban someone arrested on suspicion of a sex crime or an offense involving a dangerous weapon.

The proposed ban would allow police to restrict anyone arrested on suspicion of a sex crime or gun offense from the transit system for two weeks after a first offense, a month after a second offense and a year after a third offense.

The woman — who, as a sex crime victim, did not want to be identified — was outraged to find out that Mason was hired by the state after exposing himself to her.

Is that what it will take to get this taken seriously as, as Lawrence calls it, a “sex crime”?

She has chosen to accept the anonymity accorded a sex crime victim as she resumes being the hero of her own particular life.

Grijalva knew the botched sex-crime investigation story was already three years old.

As for the problem with the sex-crime investigation, Arpaio maintains, “We corrected it.”

But critics and even John McCain are citing his botched sex-crime investigations in a bid to give him a new title—resigned.


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