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[sek-stuh nz]
noun, genitive Sex·tan·tis [sek-stan-tis] /sɛkˈstæn tɪs/ for 1.
  1. Astronomy. the Sextant, an equatorial constellation between Hydra and Leo.
  2. (lowercase) a bronze coin of ancient Rome, the sixth part of an as, issued during the period of the Republic.
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Origin of Sextans

< Latin sextāns; see sextant


[sek-stuh n]
  1. (of a fever) characterized by paroxysms that recurevery sixth day.
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  1. a sextan fever.
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Origin of sextan

1650–60; < New Latin sextān(a) (febris) sixth day (fever), equivalent to Latin sext(us) sixth + āna -an
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Historical Examples of sextans

  • The people buried him by the contribution of a sextans from each person.

    The History of Rome, Books 01 to 08

    Titus Livius

  • Sextans, seks′tanz, n. an ancient Roman bronze coin, worth one-sixth of the as.

  • We may just glance at two double stars in the small constellation of Sextans, situated under Leo.

British Dictionary definitions for sextans


noun Latin genitive Sextantis (sɛksˈtæntɪs)
  1. a faint constellation lying on the celestial equator close to Leo and Hydra
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Word Origin for Sextans

New Latin: sextant


  1. (of a fever) marked by paroxysms that recur after an interval of five days
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Word Origin for sextan

C17: from Medieval Latin sextana (febris) (fever) of the sixth (day)
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