[ sfeer-iks, sfer- ]
/ ˈsfɪər ɪks, ˈsfɛr- /


(used with a singular verb) electronic equipment for determining the position of storms by locating their accompanying atmospherics.
(used with a plural verb) the atmospheric discharges located by this device.
Also spherics. (used with a singular verb) the study of atmospherics.

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Origin of sferics

First recorded in 1940–45; shortening and respelling of atmospherics
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British Dictionary definitions for sferics

/ (ˈsfɛrɪks) /


the usual US spelling of spherics 2
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Science definitions for sferics (1 of 2)


The study of atmospherics, especially through the use of electronic detectors.

Science definitions for sferics (2 of 2)


A radio emission from a stroke of lightning.
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