[ skrah-fee-toh; Italian zgrahf-fee-taw ]

noun,plural sgraf·fi·ti [skrah-fee-tee; Italian zgrahf-fee-tee]. /skrɑˈfi ti; Italian zgrɑfˈfi ti/.
  1. a technique of ornamentation in which a surface layer of paint, plaster, slip, etc., is incised to reveal a ground of contrasting color.

  2. an object, especially pottery, decorated by this technique.

Origin of sgraffito

1720–30; <Italian, past participle of sgraffire to do graffito work, derivative of sgraffio a scratch, implement for drawing, itself derivative of (s)graffiare to scratch, draw on plaster with a pointed tool; see ex1, graffito

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/ (sɡræˈfiːtəʊ) /

nounplural -ti (-tɪ)
  1. a technique in mural or ceramic decoration in which the top layer of glaze, plaster, etc, is incised with a design to reveal parts of the ground

  2. such a decoration

  1. an object decorated in such a way

Origin of sgraffito

C18: from Italian, from sgraffire to scratch; see graffiti

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