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[ shey-did ]


, Printing.
  1. noting or pertaining to an ornamented type in which a thin white line appears along one edge of each of the main strokes of a character.

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Other Words From

  • shaded·ness noun
  • well-shaded adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of shaded1

First recorded in 1575–85; shade + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

It’s possible the females’ more regular use of shaded habitats blunts the effect of higher temperatures.

About 90 percent of the canopy was intact on shaded coffee plots versus about 60 percent for restored forest areas, on average.

The sites are largely shaded and place campers close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, the best way to quickly get around to the area’s many draws.

With this canopy tent, you’ll be able to stay shaded and cool thanks to its UPF50 sun protection rating, meaning it can screen out 98 percent of direct UV sunlight.

Even though it has a spacious, shaded courtyard and a large rooftop deck, there can still be lines down the block for big matches.

And anyway, if Brecht did not want us to feel for Mother Courage, why did he make her so richly shaded and humanly fallible?

Barack Obama, his face shaded in patriotic hues, captioned “HOPE.”

“Look there,” he said, flicking his machete at the shaded ground.

I can contemplate my own death without unease, but every goodbye to one of my children is shaded by dread.

Deadlock: each side will think their man shaded the other, the surest definition of a stalemate.

She sat in a distant corner of the formal room discreetly lit by a shaded lamp.

The broad veranda was shaded by a clump of tall banana-trees, swaying to and fro in the gentle breeze.

The warmest land is chosen—mellow and free from stones or shaded by trees and prepared as if for a garden.

One shaded lamp high up near the ceiling served to light all the cubicles, which were heated by small charcoal stoves.

But, with your consent, we will trip lightly over all that part of our hero's history which is shaded with blemishes.


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