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[ shad-oh-ing ]


, Cytology, Histology.
  1. a method of enhancing the visibility of the surface features of a specimen for electron microscopic viewing by spraying it from one side with a coating of metal atoms.

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  • self-shadow·ing adjective
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Example Sentences

A lot of early training is on-the-job training and shadowing, being shown how to set up and pull a campaign for example.

From Digiday

Some people would really prefer that every shadow is filled in…but I think, personally, I find a portrait more interesting if there’s some shadowing and shape to it.

From Time

A crew for the A&E reality show The First 48 had been shadowing Detroit homicide detectives for months and filmed the incident.

She spent a day shadowing me, part of an introductory program I instituted for trainees in CTC.

He says he believes a couple of militants have been shadowing him for the past two days.

Alexander pointed to a fire trail cutting down the hill, saying that it would be good for shadowing.

Tuesday, the pirates launched a rocket-propelled grenade at the American destroyer that was shadowing the distressed Quest.

It was a tangled trail that Kip Burland followed that night, shadowing that man who wore a telegraph messenger's costume.

Long and silently she stood by the window, gazing at the shadowing curtain of the coming night.

I don't know whether he knew anything about the shadowing business I speak of or not, but he might have.

If it's the right Hagan, Merry may find some one else by shadowing him.

For fifteen years five or six governments kept their spies shadowing me in Europe and America.


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