[ shaf-ting, shahf- ]
/ ˈʃæf tɪŋ, ˈʃɑf- /


a number of shafts.
Machinery. a system of shafts, as the overhead shafts formerly used for driving the machinery of a mill.
steel bar stock used for shafts.
Architecture. a system of shafts, as those around a pier or in the reveals of an archway.
Slang. an instance of unique or unfair treatment: The owners gave him a real shafting on the deal.

Origin of shafting

First recorded in 1815–25; shaft + -ing1

Definition for shafting (2 of 2)

[ shaft, shahft ]
/ ʃæft, ʃɑft /


verb (used with object)

to push or propel with a pole: to shaft a boat through a tunnel.
Informal. to treat in a harsh, unfair, or treacherous manner.

Origin of shaft

before 1000; Middle English; Old English sceaft; cognate with German Schaft; compare Latin scāpus shaft, Greek skêptron scepter


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British Dictionary definitions for shafting (1 of 2)

/ (ˈʃɑːftɪŋ) /


an assembly of rotating shafts for transmitting power
the stock from which shafts are made
architect a set of shafts

British Dictionary definitions for shafting (2 of 2)

/ (ʃɑːft) /



slang to have sexual intercourse with (a woman)
slang to trick or cheat

Word Origin for shaft

Old English sceaft; related to Old Norse skapt, German Schaft, Latin scāpus shaft, Greek skeptron sceptre, Lettish skeps javelin
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Medicine definitions for shafting

[ shăft ]


An elongated rodlike structure, such as the midsection of a long bone.
The section of a hair projecting from the surface of the body.
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