[ shag-ee ]
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adjective,shag·gi·er, shag·gi·est.
  1. covered with or having long, rough hair.

  2. untidy; unkempt: a shaggy person.

  1. rough and matted; forming a bushy mass, as the hair or mane.

  2. having a rough nap, as cloth.

  3. characterized by sloppy planning or execution: a shaggy production of Macbeth.

Origin of shaggy

First recorded in 1580–90; shag1 + -y1

Other words from shaggy

  • shag·gi·ly, adverb
  • shag·gi·ness, noun

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How to use shaggy in a sentence

  • Toto was an especial friend of the shaggy Man, and he knew every one else.

    The Emerald City of Oz | L. Frank Baum
  • "And chew grass for our supper," added the shaggy Man, laughing.

    The Emerald City of Oz | L. Frank Baum
  • "That's strange," said the shaggy Man, reading the sign aloud.

    The Emerald City of Oz | L. Frank Baum
  • "Self-preservation is the first law of nature," quoted the shaggy Man.

    The Emerald City of Oz | L. Frank Baum
  • "Don't worry, shaggy Man," said Dorothy, smiling because her friend wagged his new ears so comically.

    The Road to Oz | L. Frank Baum

British Dictionary definitions for shaggy


/ (ˈʃæɡɪ) /

adjective-gier or -giest
  1. having or covered with rough unkempt fur, hair, wool, etc: a shaggy dog

  2. rough or unkempt

  1. (in textiles) having a nap of long rough strands

Derived forms of shaggy

  • shaggily, adverb
  • shagginess, noun

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