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shake hands

  1. shake hands on . Confirm a promise or bargain, as in We didn't sign a contract; we simply shook hands on our agreement . [Early 1900s]

  2. Also, shake someone's hand . Clasp another's hand in greeting, farewell, or congratulation or as a sign of friendship or goodwill. For example, Stop fighting, boys; shake hands and be done with it , or You won first prize? Let me shake your hand . [Early 1500s]

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Example Sentences

We shake hands and he immediately begins a monologue about prison breaks and South America.

It would have been pretty hard for Ike to shake hands with everybody.

“If I go to Republican events, there are some really conservative rural Republicans, and we shake hands,” Scott said.

Shaw put himself right alongside the line and took a minute to shake hands and greet each delegate.

Charley, a tall, blond young man, bent to shake hands with Furry.

The mollified women did not shake hands, but each raised her tea-cup to her lips and winked.

"I was watching you through my little peep-hole—as you saw," he began, with a pleasant smile, advancing to shake hands.

In fact it is said that neighbors in two adjoining buildings may shake hands across the street.

I hurried away to shake hands with the Chief of my department, proud of having rendered faithful service to so upright a leader.

Do not touch the door-knob when going out—let some one open the door for you—and do not shake hands with any one.





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